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Our Online Escape Room Adventures

  • Captain Montgomery &

    The Mystery Mansion Mini-Adventure

    Quickly – we don’t have long! Archie’s live-in layabout Captain Montgomery has somehow locked himself in the panic room inside the Mystery Mansion after getting scared during a thunder storm – and now the power’s gone out! Can you unlock the hidden doors and secret passageways, solving myriad mysteries and confounding conundrums along the way? And once inside, hopefully free poor, scared Monty from his self-imposed imprisonment!


  • Heironymus Vex &

    The Secret of the Pancetta Stone

    Set your sights for ADVENTURE! Archie’s pudding-headed explorer cousin Heironymus Vex has somehow gotten himself trapped inside a Mesomanayan tomb, and he’s going to need your help to get him out! Can you navigate your way through the cryptic chambers and solve the puzzles along the way? Only then can unlock the key to the lost Mesomanayan language – the true secret of the Pancetta Stone – and free Heironymus in time!