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So you’ve run into an issue, eh? Well, not to worry! We get you fixed up in a jiffy. Just look through the FAQs below to find a solution.

Frequently Asked Support Questions

When I enter my game code, it says the adventure is no longer available

When you purchase your game code, it’s ready to be used but hasn’t been activated. A game code is activated by heading to the Play page and entering it, thereby starting the game. Once a game has been started, it will automatically expire after 24 hours, whether the game has been completed or not. If you think this has happened in error, let us know.

My game doesn’t load / just showing a black screen

This can happen on rare occasions if there’s an issue with loading the game. All you should need to do is refresh the page – your super-secret code should already be in the URL, and it should start up straight away.

When I enter my game code, it says ‘There isn’t an available adventure matching that game code’

When you buy an escape adventure from us, you’re automatically emailed a super-secret game code – it’s also shown on the order receipt page when you’ve completed your order. Make sure that you’ve entered it correctly!

If you’re still having issues, you can get in touch using the form below. Please note that our support hours are Monday-Friday 10am-6pm, excluding UK public holidays, and we endeavor to respond within 24 hours. If you sent your ticket outside of these hours, we will respond to it as soon as we reasonably can.

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