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Captain Montgomery &

The Mystery Mansion Mini-Adventure

Quickly – we don’t have long! Archie’s live-in layabout Captain Montgomery has somehow locked himself in the panic room inside the Mystery Mansion after getting scared during a thunder storm – and now the power’s gone out! Can you unlock the hidden doors and secret passageways, solving myriad mysteries and confounding conundrums along the way? And once inside, hopefully free poor, scared Monty from his self-imposed imprisonment!

£15.00 - holiday special!

❄ Exclusive Holiday Bonus! ❄

If you purchase your game before midnight on December 31st, you’ll have access to the super-exclusive holiday bonus pack – your game will be winter-wonderland-themed and packed* with holiday extras!

(*please note that the Mystery Mansion is currently undergoing renovations largely funded by a wildly unsuccessful bake sale and so any and all holiday-themed extras may be limited to whatever Archie was able to find in his attic)

Frequently Asked Questions

How many people can play?

There’s no limit to how many can play the game all at once. Four of you? No problem. Six of you, including that couple in South Africa? Easy. A dozen family members all squabbling over Zoom? Piece of cake. A million mixed football teams all playing it simultaneously on a giant screen on the side of a blimp? …okay, that might be a bit much.

How can we all play together online?

Easy! Once you’ve purchased your game you’ll be given a super secret access code that’s unique to your game. You can share that with as many people as you like, and then you can all get together using whatever online meetup suits you best: Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Discord – whichever suits you all best.

How long will my game be available for?

There’s no time limit on your purchase until you’ve actually started the game. That means you can buy it months in advance if you want to, and it will be ready and waiting for you when you’re ready to go.

Once the first person in your team enters the code & confirms the start of the game, you’ll have 24 hours to complete it. So don’t worry if your new puppy (or child) suddenly needs to take a rest stop in the bushes, or if the Ocado delivery turns up – you’ll have plenty of time to finish your game even if you’re interrupted.

How long does it take to play the game?

If you’re all horribly clever and quite adept at breaking into other people’s homes in the middle of the night during a power outage – probably around 45 minutes.

What if I complete a stage before anyone else?

If anyone in your party completes a stagefirst, then everyone else can simply refresh the page and you’ll all be magically transported to the next stage. If anyone missed the memo, a message will appear on their screen after a few moments telling them that they’re way behind the curve, and they can click a button and join the rest of you. But it’s not like you get a trophy or anything for being the smartest. Calm down, champ.

What if I can’t solve a stage? Will there be clues?

Don’t worry – Monty made plenty of notes in his journal, which you’ll have with you. There will be lots of clues for each stage of the game.

But what if I really can’t solve it?

Ugh, everything’s always about you isn’t it? If you’re really that desperate, then you can ask for an answer to solve the room. But honestly, if you’re going to have that much trouble then maybe I can interest you in this bouncy red ball instead?

What if I’ve made an absolute mess of things and need to start over?

Fear not! We all get in a tizzy from time to time. There’s a special key in Monty’s journal that will let you reset the room you’re in so you can start fresh.